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Janine Lange

 Janine Lange
Doctoral Student

Deutsches Zentrum für Hochschul- und
Wissenschaftsforschung GmbH
Abteilung 2 "Forschungssystem und
Schützenstraße 6a
10117 Berlin

Tel.: 030 / 206 - 4177 - 15

Research Interests:

  • Empirical Social Science Methods
    (Longitudinal Analysis, Sequence Analysis)
  • Sociology of the Life Course
    (Life Course and Labour Market Research, Social Inequality, Work and Health, Old-age Security, Life Course Policy)
  • Higher Education Research



Curriculum Vitae
Since 2016
Research Assistant at the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW) in Berlin, Research Area 2 "Research Sytem and Science Dynamics"
Research Assistant at the Institute for Research Information and Quality Assurance (iFQ) in Berlin, Work Area: Young Researchers and Careers
Research Assistant at the Sociological Research Institute Göttingen (SOFI), Project: Implementation of a "Virtual Research Environment" (VRE) for the Interdisciplinary Joint Research Project soeb 3 (Third Report on Socioeconomic Development in Germany)
Research Assistant at the Research Date Centre of the German Pension Insurance in Berlin (FDZ-RV), Project in Cooperation with the Research Institute of the Federal Employment Agency (IAB): BASiD – Biographical Data of Selected Social Insurance Agencies in Germany 
Master of Arts in Sociology, University of Rostock
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anglo-American Studies, University of Rostock

Thesis Topic:

Social Inequality and Reduced Earning Capacity Pension

The reduced earning capacity pension due to disability or ailment constitutes an important, current and, on that account, also much debated topic in the field of social security. My doctoral thesis attends to the systematic study of the underlying and complex interdependencies between cumulative strains that are caused by the individual working life and the process of (early) retirement. Central to the theoretical foundation and empirical analysis is the question, what risk factors - as regards to a reduced earning capacity pension due to diagnosed work incapacity - derive from the individual occupational biography and particular characteristics of (un)employment. The study - which is thematically situated in a scientific field that deals with such crucial topics as occupation, health, social inequality or biography - aims to work out specific occupational and operational determinants from a life course perspective.   

The focus of my thesis lies in the identification of typical employment histories and patterns that result in a reduced earning capacity pension. To accomplish this the study will compare the occupational biographies of individuals who receive(d) a reduced earning capacity pension and thus retired early with those that reached the standard retirement age. Therewith, in the scope of my work, the implied question shall be clarified whether or not there are specific hazardous life careers or biographical segments that need to be better supported or ensured, that means, whether at a certain time in the individual’s biography, prevention or intervention measures could or should be offered or induced.

The data base are data sets oft he German Pension Insurance that will be analysed with multivariate methods.



Lange, Janine / Oppermann, Anja / Wegner, Antje (2017). Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie im Hochschul- und außeruniversitären Forschungssektor. Studien im Rahmen des Bundesberichts Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs (BuWiN 2017). Berlin: DZHW. Download

Lange, Janine / Lietz, Almuth / Ambrasat, Jens / Tesch, Jakob / Wegner, Antje (2016). The German Doctoral Candidates and Doctorate Holders Study ProFile. Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik / Journal of Economics and Statistics. De Gruyter Oldenbourg. Open Access, Online First (ahead of print). 10.1515/jbnst-2015-1037 

Mika, Tatjana. / Lange, Janine / Stegmann, Michael (2014): Erwerbsminderungsrente nach Bezug von ALG II: Auswirkungen der Reformen auf die Versicherungsbiografien. WSI-Mitteilungen, 4/2014, 277-285.

Mika, Tatjana. / Lange, Janine (2014): Auswirkungen der Einführung der Pflichtbeitragszeiten aus Arbeitslosengeld II auf den Rentenzugang wegen Erwerbsminderung und Alters. RVaktuell, 2/2014, 38-43.


Lange, Janine / Oppermann, Anja (2017): Vereinbarkeit von Familie und wissenschaftlicher Qualifizierung. Vortrag auf dem Workshop "Chancengleichheit in wissenschaftlichen Karrieren" der Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft (GEW), Frankfurt am Main.

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