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Fakultät VI Planen Bauen Umwelt: Prof. Dr. Nina Baur

TU Berlin

Methods of Social Research Prof. Dr. Nina Baur

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Prof. Dr. Nina Baur

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Research and Teaching Interests


Curriculum Vitae
since 2009
Full Professor (W3) for Methods of Social Research, Department of Sociology, Technical University Berlin (Germany)
Professor (W1) for Methods of Social Research, Department of Sociology, Technical University Berlin (Germany)
Assistant Professor (C1) for Sociology and Methods of Social Research, Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt (Germany)
Dr. rer pol. (Doctor of Political Sciences, equivalent to Ph.D.) in Sociology, Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg (Germany)
Research Associate and Lecturer for Sociology and Methods of Social Research at the Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg and the Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt (Germany)
Graduate and Research Assistant, Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg and Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz (both Germany)
“Diplom-Soziologin Univ. mit Studienschwerpunkt Empirische Sozialforschung” (Diploma in Sociology, specialized in Social Research; equivalent of a masters degree), with Distinction, Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg (Germany)
Student Research and Teaching Assistant, Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg and University of Hamburg (both Germany)
Studying Sociology at Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg (Germany), University Hamburg (Germany) and Lancaster University (UK)


Academic Distinctions
Price for Excellent and Good Practice, Outstanding Engagement and Commitment for Students. Fakultät VI (Planen– Bauen – Umwelt), TU Berlin
Selected participant of the interuniversity-programme ProFiL for development of leadership potential in Academia, Technical University Berlin, Humboldt-University of Berlin and Free University Berlin
DGS Dissertationspreis (Prize of the German Sociological Association for one of the two best Ph.D. theses in German Sociology between 2004 and 2006)
E.ON Kulturpreis Bayern (“E.ON Cultural Prize of Bavaria”) for the best Ph.D. thesis of Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg in 2004/2005
Scholarship of the “Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes” (“German Scholarship Association”)


Visiting Fellowship at Japan’s Women University (Japan)
Visiting Fellowship at Yale University (U.S.A.)


Current Research Projects
Participated in more than 20 research projects. The most recent of these are:
“Innovation Society Today. The Reflexive Production of the New” (“Innovationsgesellschaft heute: Die reflexive Herstellung des Neuen”). Graduate College at the Department of Sociology of Technical University Berlin, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)
“Local Conventions of Hairdressing. Intrinsic Logic of Cities and Economics of Convention” (“Lokale Konventionen des Friseurwesens: Städtische Eigenlogik in Wirtschaftspraktiken”), part of the research group “Intrinsic Logic of Cities” (“Eigenlogik der Städte”), funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)
„Sociological Inquiry and Evaluation of UniCat“ (SIEU). Part of the Excellence Cluster “UniCat” (“Unifying Concepts in Catalysis”), funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)
“New Forms of Organizing Science” (“Neue Formen der Forschungsorganisation”), part of the project network “genderDynamics. Case Studies on the Co-Evolution of Scientific Cultures and Organizational Forms in Science in Physics” (“genderDynamiken. Fallstudien zur Verschränkung von Fachkulturen und Forschungsorganisationen am Beispiel der Physik”), funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
“Risk Communication and Risk Behaviour” (“Risikowahrnehmung und -verhalten”), part of the project network “Anthropogenic Micropollutants and Pathogenic Organisms in Urban Water Cylces” (“ASKURIS” – “Anthropogene Spurenstoffe und Krankheitserreger im urbanen Wasserkreislauf”), funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
“Arranging Acquiring and Orientating within Space. On a Sociology of the Constitution of Space” (“Raumgestaltung, Raumaneignung und Orientierung. Grundzüge einer Soziologie der Raumkonstitution”), funded by Technical University Berlin
Residences Abroad and International Experience
Visiting Fellowship at Japan’s Women University (Japan)
Research Stay in Bangkok (Thailand) (5 months)
Research Stay in Bangkok (Thailand) (5 months)
Research Stay in Sydney and Melbourne (Australia) (4 weeks)
Visiting Fellowship at Yale University (U.S.A.)
Research on Ph.D. thesis, Connecticut (U.S.A.) (10 weeks)
Undergraduate Visiting Student in Sociology, Lancaster University (United Kingdom)
High School “German School London”, London (United Kingdom)
Kindergarden / 1st Grade; Elementary School, Endwell (USA)
Also extended stays of four to five weeks in Australia, Cambodia, China, Cuba, Georgia, Greece, India, Japan, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and to the U.S.A. 
Many shorter trips to most European countries, Australia, Canada, China, Fiji, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Samoa, Singapor, South Africa, Tonga, Tuvalu and the U.S.A.


Selected Professional Functions
since 2017
Member of the Advisory Board for the Journal "Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie" (KZfSS)
since 2016
Deputy Director of the Department of Sociology at TU Berlin
since 2016
Board Member of the Section "Economic Sociology" of the German Sociology Assocation
since 2014
President of RC 33 (Research Committee “Logic & Methodology in Sociology” of the International Sociology Association) (Secretary and Designated President 2010 – 2014)
since 2014
Managing Editor of the Journal HSR (“Historische Sozialforschung / Historical Social Research”) (Co-operating Editor 2007 – 2014)
since 2014
Member of the Editorial Board of Current Sociology Monograph
since 2011
Council Member of the German Sociology Association (DGS, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie)
since 2011
Member of the Academical Senate (“Akademischer Senat”)  of Technical University Berlin
since 2010
Board Member of ISA RC 56 (Working Group on “Historical and Comparative Sociology”, until 2016 WG02) of the International Sociology Association
since 2007
Member of the Selection Committee or External Reviewer for 16 Professorships, including 12 Methodology Professorships and 6 Professorhips at TU Berlin
Member of the Selection Committee for the Karl Polanyi Price for the best Economic Sociology Article 2012 – 2016
Member of the Selection Committee for the Karl Polanyi Price for the best Economic Sociology Monograph 2010 – 2014
Member of the Excellence Cluster UniCat (Unifying Concepts in Catalysis) at TU Berlin
Board Member of ASI (“Arbeitsgemeinschaft Sozialwissenschaftlicher Institute e.V.” – “Consortium of German Social Research Institutes”)
Vice President of the Audit Committee of the Ethical Grievance Board (“Beschwerdestelle”) of the Council of German Market and Social Research (“Rat der Deutschen Markt- und Sozialforschung e.V.”)
Vice President of the User Advisory Board of GESIS (“Gesellschaft Sozialwissenschaftlicher Infrastruktureinrichtungen e.V. ” – “Society of Social Research Infrastructural Facilities”)
Co-Editor of the Monograph Series “Studientexte Soziologie” (“Study Texts in Sociology”)
Member of the Advisory Board for ZTG (Zentrum Technik und Gesellschaft, TU Berlin)
Reviewer in the Fulbright Selection Committee for Germany
Selected Publications
Baur, Nina/Besio, Cristina/Norkus, Maria (2018): Projectification of Science as an Organizational Innovation. A Figurational Sociological Perspective on Emergence, Diffusion, and Impact. In: Rammert, Werner/Windeler, Arnold/Hutter, Michael/Knoblauch, Hubert (Hg.) (2018): Innovation Society Today. Perspectives, Fields, and Cases. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften. S. 341-370
Baur, Nina/Hering, Lina (2017): Learning from the Past. How Local Economic Conventions Influence Responses to Global Crises. In: Human Figurations: Long-term Perspectives on the Human Condition 6 (2).
Baur, Nina/Kelle, Udo/Kuckartz, Udo (Hg.) (2017): Mixed Methods. Sonderheft 57/2017. Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie (KZfSS) 69 (Supplement 2). Wiesbaden: Springer
Heidenreich, Martin/Baur, Nina (2017): Standorte innovativer Unternehmen in Europa. Zwischen industriellen und dienstleistungsbasierten Ansiedlungsmustern (Locations of Innovative Companies in Europe. Between Industrial and Service-Based Locational Patterns). In: Hessinger, Philipp/Pohlmann, Markus (Hg.) (2017): Globalisierung als Auto-Kapitalismus. Studien zur Globalität moderner Gesellschaften. Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien. S. 197-218
Baur, Nina/Meier, Lars (2017): Vermarktlichung und Lebenswelt. Lokale Differenzierungen von Wirtschaftspraktiken im Friseurwesen (Economization and Everyday Life. Local Differences in Economic Conventions in the Hairdressing and Barbering Markets). In: Münnich, Sascha/Sachweh, Patrick (Hg.) (2017): Kapitalismus als Lebensform? Deutungsmuster, Legitimation und Kritik in der Marktgesellschaft. Wiesbaden: Springer VS. 187-220
Baur, Nina/Budenz, Patrik (2017): Fotografisches Handeln. Subjektive Überformung von fotografischen Repräsentationen der Wirklichkeit (Doing Photography. How Photographers' Subjectivitiy Shapes Visual Representations  of Reality). In: Eberle, Thomas (Hg.) (2017): Fotografie und Gesellschaft. Phänomenologische und wissenssoziologische Perspektiven. Bielefeld: transcript. 73-96
Baur, Nina/Hering, Linda (2016): Konventionen und Wirtschaftskrisen. Zur Wahlverwandtschaft zwischen lokalen Wirtschaftspraktiken und wirtschaftlichen Entwicklungspfaden (Economic Conventions and Economic Crises. On the Congruence of Local Economic Practices and Paths of Economic Development). In. Lessenich, Stephan (Hg.) (2016): Routinen der Krise – Krise der Routinen. Verhandlungen des 37. Kongresses der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie in Trier 2014
Baur, Nina/Besio, Cristina/Norkus, Maria/Petschick, Grit (Eds.) (2016): Wissen – Organisation –Forschungspraxis. Der Makro-Meso-Mikro-Link in der Wissenschaft (Knowledge – Organisation – Research Practice. The Macro-Meso-Micro-Link in Science). Weinheim: Juventa
Baur, Nina/Besio, Cristina/Norkus, Maria (2016): Organisationale Innovation am Beispiel der Projektifizierung der Wissenschaft. Eine figurationssoziologische Perspektive auf Entstehung, Verbreitung und Wirkungen (Projectification of Science as an Organizational Innovation. A Figurational Sociological Perspective on Emergence, Diffusion and Impact). In: Rammert, Werner/Hutter, Michael/Knoblauch, Hubert/Windeler, Arnold (Hg.) (2016): Innovationsgesellschaft heute. Perspektiven, Felder und Fälle. Wiesbaden: Springer VS. S. 373-402. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-658-10874-8_17
Norkus, Maria/Besio, Cristina/Baur, Nina (2016): Effects of Project-Based Research Work on the Career Paths of Young Academics. In: Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation 10 (2). Special Issue 2016/2 “The Precariousness of Knowledge Workers. Processes of Hybridization, Marketization and Subjectivation in the global value chains”. 9-26. DOI: 10.13169/workorgalaboglob.10.2.0009 
Jekel, Martin/Baur, Nina/Böckelmann, Uta/Dünnbier, Uwe/Eckhardt, Alexander/Gnirß, Regina/Grummt, Tamara/Hummelt, Daniel/Lucke, Thomas/Meinel, Felix/Miehe, Ulf/Mollenhauer, Gesine/Mutz, Daniel/Petersohn, Dietmar/Pflugmacher Lima, Stephan/Reemtsma, Thorsten/Remy, Christian/Schaller, Jana/Schlittenbauer, Linda/Schrapel, Jens/Schulz, Wolfgang/Seiwert, Bettina/Sperlich, Alexander/Stapf, Michael/van Baar, Patricia/Wenzel, Melanie/Wode, Florian/Zietzschmann, Frederik/Ruhl, Aki Sebastian (2016): Anthropogene Spurenstoffe und Krankheitserreger im urbanen Wasserkreislauf: Bewertung, Barrieren und Risikokommunikation (ASKURIS) (Anthropogenic Organic Micro-Pollutants and Pathogens in the Urban Water Cycle. Assessment, Barriers and Risk Communication (ASKURIS)). Berlin: Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin
Baur, Nina/Lamnek, Siegfried (2016): Variables. In: Ritzer, George (Ed.): The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology. Blackwell Publishing Ltd. 3120-3123 DOI: 10.1111/b.9781405124331.2007.x.
Baur, Nina/Lamnek, Siegfried (2016): Multivariate Analysis. In: Ritzer, George (Ed.): The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology. Blackwell Publishing Ltd. 5176-5179 DOI: 10.1111/b.9781405124331.2007.x.
Baur, Nina/Blasius, Jörg (Eds.) (2015): Handbuch Methoden der empirischen Sozialforschung (Handbook Methods of Social Research). Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien.
Ametowobla, Dzifa/Baur, Nina/Schmidt Robert J. (Eds.) (2015): Methods of Innovation Research: Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed-Methods Approaches. Special Issue of Historische Sozialforschung/Historical Social Research (HSR) 40 (3)
Heidenreich, Martin/Baur, Nina (2015): Locations of Corporate Headquarters in Europe: Between Inertia and Co-evolution. In: Lundan, Sarianna (Hg.) (2015): Transnational Corporations and Transnational Governance. The Cost of Crossing borders in the Global Economy. Basingstoke: Palgrave. 177-207
Baur, Nina (2014): Lokale Variation und Grenzen der Ökonomisierung. Eine figurationssoziologische Perspektive auf das Verhältnis von Ökonomisierung und Raum (Local Variation and Borders of the Economic Sphere. A Figurational Sociological Perspective on Economization and Space) In: Soziale Welt 65 (1). 119-129.
Baur, Nina/Löw, Martina/ Hering, Linda/Raschke, Anna Laura/Stoll Florian (2014): Die Rationalität lokaler Wirtschaftspraktiken im Friseurwesen. Der Beitrag der „Ökonomie der Konventionen“ zur Erklärung räumlicher Unterschiede wirtschaftlichen Handelns (The Rationality of Local Economic Practices in the Hairdressing and Barbering Market. How Economic of Conventions Can Contribute to Explaining Spatial Variation of Economic Performance). In: Bögenhold, Dieter (Hg.) (2014): Soziologie des Wirtschaftlichen: Alte und neue Fragen. Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien. 299-327. DOI 10.1007/978-3-658-03545-7_12
Baur, Nina/Hering, Linda/Raschke, Anna Laura/Thierbach, Cornelia (2014): Theory and Methods in Spatial Analysis. Towards Integrating Qualitative, Quantitative and Cartographic Approaches in the Social Sciences and Humanities. In: HSR 39 (2). 7-50
Baur, Nina (2014): Comparing Societies and Cultures. Challenges of Cross-Cultural Survey Research as an Approach to Spatial Analysis. In: HSR 39 (2). 257-291
Grunow, Daniela/Baur, Nina (2014): The Association between Norms and Actions. The Case of Men’s Participation in Housework. In: CPoS (Comparative Population Studies) 39 (3). 521-558. DOI: 10.12765/CPoS-2014-##en
Baur, Nina/Akremi, Leila (2012): Lebensstile und Geschlecht ”(Gender and Lifestyle). In: Rössel, Jörg/Otte, Gunnar (Eds.) (2012): Lebensstilforschung. Special Issue 51 of Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie (KZfSS). Wiesbaden: VS-Verlag. 269-294
Baur, Nina (2012): Von der Quali-/Quanti-Debatte zum Methoden-Mix. Reichweite und Ertrag methodischer Zugriffe am Beispiel der Vorstellungen von familiärer Arbeitsteilung (From Qualitative and Quantitative to Mixed-Methods Research (MMR). Potential and Usefulness of Various Methodological Paradigms: The Example of Attitudes Towards the Household Division of Labour). In: Aulenbacher, Brigitte/Riegraf, Birgit (Eds.) (2012): Erkenntnis und Methode. Geschlechterforschung in Zeiten des Umbruchs. Festschrift für Ursula Müller. 2nd edition (1st edition 2009). Wiesbaden: Springer VS. 119-143
Baur, Nina (2011): Mixing Process-Generated Data in Market Sociology. In: Quality & Quantity 45 (6). 1233-1251
Baur, Nina/Ernst, Stefanie (2011): Towards a Process-Oriented Methodology. Modern Social Science Research Methods and Nobert Elias’ Figurational Sociology. In: The Sociological Review 59 (777). 117-139
Baur, Nina (Ed.) (2009): Social Bookkeeping Data: Data Quality and Data Management. Special Issue of Historische Sozialforschung/Historical Social Research (HSR). 34 (3)
Baur, Nina (Ed.) (2009): Linking Theory and Data: Process-Generated and Longitudinal Data for Analysing Long-Term Social Processes. Special Issue of Historische Sozialforschung/Historical Social Research (HSR). 34 (1)
Baur, Nina (2008): Taking Perspectivity Seriously. A Suggestion of a Conceptual Framework for Linking Theory and Methods in Longitudinal and Comparative Research. In: Historical Social Research/Historische Sozialforschung (HSR) 33 (4). 191-213
Baur, Nina (2008): Was kann die Soziologie methodisch von der Geschichtswissenschaft lernen? (What Can Sociology Learn Methodologically from Historical Sciences?) In: Historical Social Research/Historische Sozialforschung (HSR) 33 (3). 217-248
Baur, Nina/Korte, Hermann/Löw, Martina/Schroer, Markus (Eds.) (2008): Handbuch Soziologie (Sociology. A Handbook). Wiesbaden: VS-Verlag
Baur, Nina (2008): Markt (Markets). In: Baur, Nina/Korte, Hermann/Löw, Martina/Schroer, Markus (Eds.) (2008): Handbuch Soziologie. Wiesbaden: VS-Verlag. 273-294
Baur, Nina (2008): Konsequenzen des Verlusts des ganzheitlichen Denkens. Soziale Marktwirtschaft und die Triade Arbeitsmarkt, Sozialstaat und Geschlechterbeziehungen am Beispiel von Westdeutschland (Losing the View of the Whole Picture. Market Society and the Triad of Labour Market, Welfare State and Gender Relation in West Germany). In: Struck, Olaf/Seifert, Hartmut (Eds.) (2008): Arbeitsmarkt und Sozialpolitik. Kontroversen um Effizienz und soziale Sicherheit. Wiesbaden: VS-Verlag. 189-229
Baur, Nina (2008): Regionale Ungleichheiten der Arbeitsmarktchancen. Wahrnehmung und Wirklichkeit sozialer Absicherung (Regional Disparities of Labour Market Chances. Germans’ Perception and Reality). In: zur debatte 7/2008. S. 26-27
Otte, Gunnar/Baur, Nina (2008): Urbanism as a Way of Life? Räumliche Variationen der Lebensführung in Deutschland (Urbanism as a Way of Life? Spatial Variation of Life Styles in Germany). In: Zeitschrift für Soziologie 37 (2). 93-116
Baur, Nina/Luedtke, Jens (Eds.) (2008): Die soziale Konstruktion von Männlichkeit. Hegemoniale und marginalisierte Männlichkeiten in Deutschland (The Social Construction of Masculinity. Hegemonial and Marginal Masculinities in Germany). Opladen/Farmington Hills: Barbara Budrich
Baur, Nina/Lamnek, Siegfried (2005): Einzelfallanalyse (Case Studies). In: Mikos, Lothar/Wegener, Claudia (Eds.): Qualitative Medienforschung. Konstanz: UVK. 241-252
Baur, Nina (2005): Verlaufsmusteranalyse. Methodologische Konsequenzen der Zeitlichkeit sozialen Handelns (Social Pattern Analysis. On Methodological Consequences of Time in Social Action). Wiesbaden: VS-Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften
Baur, Nina (2001): Soziologische und ökonomische Theorien der Erwerbsarbeit. Eine Einführung (Introduction to Sociological and Economic Theories of Unemployment). Frankfurt a. M.: Campus

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